Family Feud Hollywood

Family Feud Hollywood 3.0

Family Feud Hollywood is a wonderful trivia game based on the popular TV show
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Family Feud Hollywood is a wonderful trivial game based on the popular TV show which provides hours of fun. In the game, you are given a series of questions to answer, and if your answer coincides with a survey carried to100 random people, to earn points. The more popular the question is, the more points you get. Also, you get more points as he game progresses. However, if your answer does not match with a survey answer or you don't answer, you get a strike. You can only get two strikes or the round will be finished. The game features two modes: Solo and Team. In the Solo mode, you compete with an average score, whereas in the Team mode, you compete with a friend. It also has colorful quality graphics, great sound effects, and suitable music. The game is fully customizable and enables you to adjust sound effects, time for an answer, size of screen, among others. The commentaries, voice of the host, applauses, etc. are very realistic and make you feel like if you were in the real show. It supports Windows 98/Me/2000/XP.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Two modes. Great graphics and sound effects. Thousand of Hollywood-Themed Questions


  • Does not support Windows Vista
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